Sunday, August 9, 2009

the weekend

Friday started with a low key night with hd...
Including a usual trip Glenn's..
in which I had the honor of running into
Caroline & the family! :)

And the usual trip to Target...
Since this was the last weekend before we leave for the cruise,
I've been looking for last minute things to add to my wardrobe
(as if I really need to do that)
At Target I found this pair of shoes that I've been wanting
For over a month, but knew I didn't have the perfect
black dress to go with it...
However, I purchased the perfect black dress on Monday
(from Target, of course)
And was able to purchase the shoes for five dollars!
(yes you read that right!)
I'm in love with them!!!!

Saturday I spent reading The Guardian
And although I only have less than 100 pages left,
I'm finding it difficult to finish.
This novel is not like any other Nicholas Sparks novel,
but I'm hoping I can finish it tonight!

Sophie has also been very sick this weekend,
So that has been no fun for neither of us!
However, she has been a very good sport about everything.
(I hope we get more sleep tonight!)

Hopefully she will be better for her birthday this Friday!! :)

-5 day count down til the little girls birthday
-6 day count down til the cruise

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  1. well don't you just have the perfect pair of shoes... jealous! And poor sophie, but she will be better for her b-day. I know it. Oh, and the cruise.. i can't wait to hear and read about that. love you! You know friday was so good for random glenns meetings.