Sunday, August 30, 2009


We were able to spend a lot of time with our family
over the last few days!

Thursday was hd's mom's birthday
so the whole family went to Carrabba's for dinner!
We surprised his mom with tickets to
which comes to Atlanta October 20th!
She was very surprised and excited!

Saturday we got to have lunch with my parents,
(who have been out of town for the last week)
my sister and Josh, and Josh's uncle and dad's girlfriend!
-of course we met at Glenn's!-
So that was nice being able to see all of them!

That night we were able to go to Atlanta
{verrry last minute}
to see hd's brother and his fiance's new place!
They are moving into Twelve in downtown Atlanta
and will be living on the twenty first floor!
The view of Atlanta from their room is amazing!!!!
We then went back to jd's current place and made homemade pizza's
and visited for a while!

Sunday turned into a very low key day with all the rain,
so we spent the day inside watching movies!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend with our loved ones!

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  1. um.. i was totally at Glenn's around 6 on Saturday. lol