Sunday, May 30, 2010


***Update: I got the call today!!
I got the job!
I start Monday June 14th!!
I am beyond excited!!!!!

Tuesday I have an interview
with Beazer Homes at 10am!

Please send up a prayer!

I'm really hoping I get this job!
Definitely thinking it might be the one!

Already been looking at some places to move
and have a few potential roommates in mind,
however, I'm leaning more towards living solo...
just me and the little girl
enjoying the big city together!!

here's to the future.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out on Sunday
and I am a proud owner!!

Hd surprised me and took me to Best Buy
and we came out with Mario in hand!

Hd actually had to fly out yesterday morning
for LA for the week, so I am glad he provided
me something to help occupy my time!

here's to looking forward to Mario and friends..

Saturday, May 15, 2010


from the beach!

The weather is perfect.
The water is crystal clear.
More fun is yet to come!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend was GREAT!

My mom, sister, and I all got pedicures together Saturday
in honor of Mother's Day and it was a much needed
pedicure and time together!

That evening consisted of seperating two 20 pound
boxes of gum balls for my sisters work,
homemade salads with twelve topping choices,
several great rounds of Apples-to-Apples,
gift opening, and a family game of softball!

Sunday included church and lunch with the family
and then some grillin' out, picture watching and taking,
gift opening, and celebrating not only Mother's Day,
but also hd's dad's birthday!!

Overall, it was a very sucessful weekend!

Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Cut!

With our annual beach trip coming up Sophie
was in need of a puppy cut so she could
enjoy the sun, sand, water and heat!

So as a Mother's Day present from
hd and the little girl,
Sophie got a summer cut!



How cute is this little girl?!


again and again!!! Weeee!!!

So I have seriously become slightly obsessed with
Blog Giveaways!!
There is just so much GREAT stuff out there,
that I can't stand to pass one up!
And it seems as though I shouldn't because I've
really been on a role lately!

My first win was several weeks ago from A Design Story.
Check them out, they have some great stuff!

Since then I've won a $40 gift card to Walmart thanks to
AnnOnandOn, a green onesie that says "I'm the favorite"
an adorable Polkadot changer thanks to Spirit of Giving,
two books from the Simply Cintia's Motherhood Book Giveaway
thanks to Simply Cintia, a $20 gift card to It's My Favorite,
and just recently found out that I am now the proud owner of a

If you've noticed the common trend in baby products,
no need to fear! No baby in this girls future!!
But I do have a very close friend who is expecting,
and well anything that is Free is for Meee!
And I'd love to be able to give her a basket full of all types
of goodies, that are sure to NOT be repeated!

However, the gift card to It's My Favorite, will actually
get to be spent on a little girl, I'm sure you know,
Her First Birthday is coming up and there are some
really cute stuff on this site!
So Mary-Beth needs to check it out, and let me know
what the birthday girl is going to want!!

In addition to alll of this winning....I am still finding myself lusting
over other giveaways!
Here are some of the current ones!

The Apron Goddesses is giving an Apron of your choice
to one lucky reader and since I've cooking so much
recently, I would love to add THIS to my kitchen wardrobe!

The Candid Reviewer is giving one lucky reader
their choice of a Casserole Cuddler!

Shannon Makes Stuff is giving away a $60
gift card to the CSN Store, an online mall!
They seriously have everything you could possible
ever think about wanting to own!
There are so many great things on their site,
I don't even know what I would choose to buy!!

Seeryus Mama is giving away a free 12x12
Photo Book that can be personalized.
(Valued at over $50!)
Winner will choose from hard cover,
leather cover or linen cover. It includes
26 pages and a variety of layout and design options.

And Designs By Vanessa is giving away the
cutest thing I've ever seen...

-that is enough for one day...-

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lovin' Friend Time

Today I got the chance to meet Courtney and WYATT
for lunch in Kennesaw! :)

We went to one of our old "usuals" from when we lived
together in Kennesaw.
It was great just seeing each other, catching up,
sharing stories, talking about old times, things we
would of done, should of done, could of done.....
the present, the future, her new bundle of joy,
life, love, happiness, hard times, and everything
else life brings us....

Being back in Kennesaw and with her made all
the emotions of that crazy year come rushing back.

Our time together was perfect and I even
got some lovin' in on Wyatt!!!

He is precious and I am already looking forward

to seeing him, and her again!

-hopefully planning a trip to Rome before they go back to Virginia!!-

Monday, May 3, 2010

Things to do...

With our annual beach trip coming up in
ten days!!! our minds and conversations have
been focused on all the fun things we will
do on this years trip!

During our seven day/six night trip to
Panama City Beach we will partaking
in the following (plus some!!!):

sun bathing (and lots of it)


enjoying time on the beach with this little girl...



putt putt




loving and laughing with




and capturing every moment....