Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lovin' Friend Time

Today I got the chance to meet Courtney and WYATT
for lunch in Kennesaw! :)

We went to one of our old "usuals" from when we lived
together in Kennesaw.
It was great just seeing each other, catching up,
sharing stories, talking about old times, things we
would of done, should of done, could of done.....
the present, the future, her new bundle of joy,
life, love, happiness, hard times, and everything
else life brings us....

Being back in Kennesaw and with her made all
the emotions of that crazy year come rushing back.

Our time together was perfect and I even
got some lovin' in on Wyatt!!!

He is precious and I am already looking forward

to seeing him, and her again!

-hopefully planning a trip to Rome before they go back to Virginia!!-

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