Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Baby Girl!!

Today is the little girl's first birthday!

I originally had planned to have some sort of a
birthday party, but that seemed to fall through
when we realized we'd be leaving for our cruise the same night.
And since she ended up being sick last weekend,
I'm extremely glad I hadn't planned one for the weekend before!

Now weighing in at 7lbs she is just as much fun as she was
the day I brought her home!
There is definitely never a dull moment with her!

The day she was born


one week old

our second meeting

first outfit

first night together

brother and sister's first play date

first halloween

matching outfits with mom

first christmas

first haircut

first family beach trip!

first swimming adventure

first braves game

Happy Birthday! :)

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