Saturday, November 6, 2010

spooktacular 2010

So you've seen the past posts regarding
Sideshow Collectibles
and you could say we are slightly obsessed!

The week leading up to Halloween they host
an event known as Spooktacular!!

In honor of Halloween and Spooktacular 2010,
hd took off a couple of days of work to join in on the fun!

Over the course of seven days, the event gives away
over $35,000 worth of prizes!

During the event they post giveaways and contests every
hour or so, as well as 20 secret words
to look for throughout the seven days.

Hd entered us both throughout the week
and I won two contests! :)
(he won two also, although all he brought home was a sticker
and a catalog, which also made it into the hands of my boss
who loooved it!)

Here are the items I won!

lady sham ($154.99)

kiss - the starchild ($179.99)

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