Monday, November 22, 2010


I am a firm believer in destiny.

As most of you know, I'd had a "thing" for hd
since I was ten-years-old.

Our family's have always attended the same church,
we grew up in the same town,
attended the same high school,
(missing each other by one year)
and both ended up going to college
twenty minutes from one another.

Our grandparents
(my dad's parents&his mom's parents)
also spent more than a majority
of their lives living in Athens.
(We've always known this, but never really discussed details.)

This weekend, while attending big mama's
funeral, we learned how our extended family
has played a part in our destiny.

Our grandparents not only lived minutes
down the road from one another, but also
attended the same church, and are also
buried at the same cemetery.

I'm proud to say, God had this planned out long
before the crush started when I was ten! :)

here's to forever with my bestfriend.

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