Saturday, November 6, 2010

grand prize

So along with Spooktacular 2010 comes the Grand Prize!
In order to win the Grand Prize you must find and identify
the twenty words that they place throughout the site!

On the final night (Sunday 10.31.10, around 8:30pm)
the 20th word was posted!

Once hd found the word he filled out the entry
form with all 20 words, entered his contact information,
and answered the final 'secret' question.

...and then the waiting game began....
the winner wouldn't be posted until late Monday evening

In order to win the Grand Prize you had
to be the first to submit all of the words
and answer the final question correctly.

Yep! Hd was the winner!! :)

And here is the prize!
$2,000 Iron Man Mark III Half Scale Maquette

he is the best for real!

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