Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

Good Friday has the obvious meaning,
but then there is a more personal meaning for me.

On Good Friday Seven Years Ago,
(april 18, 2003)
I lost my dad.

How ironic is it, that Nicholas Sparks Book
"The Last Song" also hit theaters this week
-wednesday, to be exact-

With all the hype about "The Last Song"
-mainly because Miley Cyrus plays the main part-
It has gotten over looked what the movie is really about...
A young girl losing her father.

So in honor of Good Friday, my Dad and Nicholas Sparks,
hd and I will be spending the day at an afternoon
viewing of "The Last Song"
-I mean, if it's already going to be a sad day, why not welcome the tears?-

If you have not gone and seen the movie,
I suggest you do so!
But most importantly, buy the book!!!
Read it and have a gooood cry!
It is one worth owning!

God is good all the time!
All the time God is good!

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