Sunday, April 25, 2010

And so it goes...

Hd recently took a new job within his company,
which is GREAT!

He has been with the company almost three years
and he loves it, the people, the opportunities,
and the fact that he is always moving up
and always looked up to!

With taking on this new position,
he has also taken on a lot more travel time.

Out of the past six weeks, he has traveled three of them.
(all to New Jersey, some three, four or five day trips)

Now with the Jersey Project complete,
he is now on to bigger and better things like...

He leaves today for a six day trip to Cali!
Which is great for him, not so great for me!

After this trip, he still has two more to LA
in late May and one in June.

Hopefully one of those I can tag along with him?! :)

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