Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Team Edward

After all the hype about Twilight, it took hd
and I a while to convince ourselves that
we were actually going to sit down and watch it.

Once Twilight hit stands, we put it on Netflix
trying not to expect much.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it.
Weird, I know.
Some parts are very strange,
don't get me wrong,
but I liked the love story.

So this past weekend New Moon hit stands
and Netflix followed through and had
it in our mailbox on Saturday!
(anyone who doesn't have Netflix,
or hasn't tried it, SHOULD!)

So that night we cuddled on the couch to
decide if we would favor Edward or Jacob.
To my surprise, I am now Team Edward
and hd has decided Team Jacob.
-apparently he favors werewolves, who knew? ;)-

Here's to looking forward to Eclipse!
although we won't watch it in theaters, that's for sure!

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Or think the whole thing is overplayed?!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVED the books, but HATE the movies. I was always Team Edward in the book. It's sad though that all of the annoying hype this franchise has gotten has made me forget how much I truely enjoyed reading the books.