Sunday, February 20, 2011

financial advisor

As we all know, "saving money" is always easier
said than done. I started my 'saving money' journey immediately
after Christmas shopping December 23rd? :)
And I'm getting ready to hit my first big
milestone: 1k!

So this past week I decided I really
want to be a financial advisor...for my friends!
Mainly help them think about what they really
need, what they want to do with their lives,
find what's important to them,
and how to plan accordingly.

The same day this idea came to me,
my long time friend Bailey, called me to let
me know she is participating in a 13 week course
by Dave Ramsey, about saving money!

Part of the first class was about reaching out to someone
in order to have an accountability partner, and
she asked me to be hers! :)

Each week she will blog about her classes
and I hope you can read them and
send her positive encouragement and
hopefully you too, can start your own saving
money journey and be able to not only accept your
current financial state, but be content with what
you have and plan for a brighter future!

And of course I'd love to help you on this
journey, as well!

here's to saving money!

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