Sunday, September 5, 2010

stone mountain

Last night we went to Stone Mountain's
Last Blast of Summer Concert!

I use to go every year in high school,
but haven't made it out the past 6 years!

We didn't go expecting much,
considering the country artist playing
each only had one song currently playing on the radio...
and normally you end up getting stuck next
to a huge crowd of obnoxious people.

However, the card were in our favor.
The music wasn't terrible,
-however, I like country music, so hd may say differently-
the crowd wasn't obnoxious,
-we love to people watch and we had the best group (3 families)
in front of us and the kids were our entertainment
while waiting for the laser show to start!!!-

and in five years, we somehow had yet to make it
to Stone Mountain for the laser show
so it was a first! :)

Looking forward to next year!

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