Saturday, June 26, 2010

perfect weekend

So I really have the best boyfriend in the world.

I received an email on Friday from 94.9 the Bull
titled "Free Rascal Flatts Tickets."So of course I check it thinking,
"Really? There is no such thing as free Rascal Flatts tickets.

As I'm reading the email, I see that Jason from the morning
show will be at the grand opening of The Family Dollar
on Saturday in COVINGTON!
(This store is located in the 3 mile radius between my parent's and hd's house.)
Of course I see this and freak out.

So Saturday morning comes, and you bet your bottom dollar
that we were at The Family Dollar!

In order to win the tickets, each person was given three chances
to bounce a ping pong ball on the concrete, at least one,
making the ball land in a cup!

The first person able to complete this task,
was no other than hd!!! winning us two tickets to the
Rascal Flatts Concert for Sunday night.

I was beside myself. I have always loved this group
but never seen them in concert.

therefore, my statement regarding me
having the best boyfriend in the world stands true.

i love him to pieces.

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