Thursday, February 18, 2010


So while being on unemployment, I'm pretty sure I've
applied for hundreds of jobs!

On February 8th, I received and email from a
flooring company in Atlanta for a phone
interview on Wednesday February 10th.

The phone interview went great, but she
informed me that they were interviewing
12-15 potential candidates, so I didn't hold my breathe.

Yesterday I got an email letting me know they would like
me to come in and do another interview on Friday February 19th!
I am super excited!! Hope all goes well!

The interview went well and I just found out
that I have been called back for a third and final
interview on Friday February 26th!
So excited!!!

The interview went great and I had to provide them
with several references so now I am just playing the
waiting game!!

I received an email this morning letting me know they would
like me to come back in this coming Thursday March 11th
for a fourth and 'final' interview with the president of the
company! I'm thinking this could be the one!!


  1. We're wishing you the BEST of luck! You can do this - it's gotta be it!

  2. thinking and praying for ya Kelsey!